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Ever since the busty Telugu actress has turned glamorous, there is a swarm of gossip surrounding this beautiful heroine. People are waiting for her bikini scene desperately. A new twist has come which is likely to give fuel to these gossips. There is an MMS video circulating through some websites. The MMS video shows Priyamani fully nude from behind removing her blouse and drying her wet hair with a towel.

Sometimes ago an incident happened on the sets of Drona which is being linked to this naked MMS video of Priyamani. What happened was that the shooting of sexy rain song was going on. The actress had to appear in the song in saree and a skimpy blouse. During the shoot Priyamani got so wet that her white colored and almost transparent blouse became unable to hide any thing. The lady and crew members soon realized this and actress went in her dressing room to change her clothes. This is where the nude video was shot. People who have seen this video say that the judging by her figure, the girl in not Priyamani. But this has not stopped the buzz to snowball and this MMS is likely to get wildly popular.

Some websites post this photo for Priyamani MMS but its totally fake.
It is not video just screen shot taken from somewhere.

Following link Shows the Priyamani Pics but it also looks fake

Priyamani MMS Clip,Priyamani Swimsuit slipped Video,Priyamani Swimsuit Removed Video Everyting Rumor

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